Not many cities have secondary Catholic schools. Those that do often require that you make a special request to move your child from a public school or from a Catholic middle school into the Catholic high school. If you are on the fence about sending your child to a Catholic high school, then here are some of the typical selling points that apply to this religious secondary education.

Sameness Through Uniforms

Catholic schools at all levels require uniforms. While this may be a big expense for parents, the fact remains that it is a lot cheaper and less worrisome than "keeping up with the Joneses" to help your child save face and not be bullied because he/she is not wearing designer jeans or hundred-dollar tennis shoes. Everyone is the same in a Catholic high school, and everyone is expected to wear their uniforms per the school codes. 

Small Class Sizes

Unlike public high schools that may be swamped with kids and the rooms are bursting at the seams with students, parochial high schools typically have around twenty kids per classroom. Even when a particular class subject is extremely popular, the school will still keep class size small by only accepting the first twenty or so students to register for it. Sometimes only the upper classes are allowed to take these popular subjects just to prevent scheduling nightmares and student disappointments. 

Voucher Programs to Help with Tuition

A lot of states utilize a "voucher" program that allows kids to attend certain schools. In exchange for agreeing to participate in the program, the state pays the tuition costs to the schools for the students that elect to go to those schools instead of a public school. Most Catholic schools, including middle and high school schools, accept the tuition vouchers. It is a real benefit to parents who would not be able to afford Catholic education otherwise. 

A Continuance in the Catholic Religion

Catholicism as a religion does not stop at elementary school or middle school. Parents should be able to continue their children's education in the Catholic religion when they choose to do so. That is why it is so important to find a high school for Catholic kids. The tenets of their religion and their continuance in its doctrine will not skip a beat from middle school to high school, and from high school to adulthood and beyond. When your religion is that important to you, these parochial secondary schools mean everything. 

For more information, contact a Catholic high school near you.