Has your child already attended public school and you are simply not excited what he or she is experiencing? Perhaps the classes are too large, or maybe you're not thrilled with what your child is learning. It may also be that your child hasn't even begun school and that you decided even before he or she entered the earth that you would be sure to provide a Christian-based education for him or for her from the first day he or she entered a structured learning center. From starting his or her learning experience right at home to enrolling your child in a Christian learning center, here are some ideas that might help you as you proceed with the planning of your child's education.

At Home -  Even before your child goes to preschool, you may be wanting to begin some structured learning right in your home. Consider having learning centers that are based in the different rooms of your house. For example, the kitchen might be a good place for you to set up simple little science experiments.

For example, what happens when you mix yellow food coloring with red food coloring? Think of setting up a special reading nook in the family room or even in the living room. For example, a large bean bag chair with a small shelf full of children's books, including Bible story books, next to the bean bag chair would invite reading time, even if it begins with just looking at pictures.

At a Learning Center - Have you decided that your child is now ready for a structured learning experience away from home? Since you decided earlier that you want him or her to have a Christ-based education, it just makes good sense for you to find a Christian learning center. Here you will learn that the values you teach your child at home will also be emphasized. For example, if you are strict about correct language at home, you can be sure that cursing will not be a part of your child's day at the Christian learning center.

Your child will learn that good things happen when you make correct choices, and not-so-good things happen when you make poor choices. For example, if your child cuts in front of everybody in line, he or she might be placed at the back of the line. Instructors who love children will be gently instructing your child, just the way Christ would have the instructor do.

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